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I am very excited to continue teaching at Ivy Academia for my 4th year. I earned my Single Subject teaching credential from California State University Northridge. I also received my Bachelor in Electrical Engineering and my Masters in Engineering Management. I have taught a wide range of grade levels and thoroughly enjoy working with Middle School Scholars. My passion for teaching and math had stemmed from an early age where I helped my siblings and younger relatives with their math homework. With over 17 years of hands-on, successful tutoring experience, and being an actual math instructor in middle school, I’m passionate in showing my students the joy of Math while connecting it to everyday life with the use of technology in my classroom. I will treat you and your child with respect and kindness and expect the same in return. Please feel free to reach out at any time via email.



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FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL August 15, 2018 (Early Dismissal)

OFFICE HOURS                                     CONTACT INFORMATION

Monday-Friday 7:20am-7:40am        ebkariana@ivyacademia.com

3:15-3:25 or by appointment                       Office: 818 716 0771


Wish List

~ boxes of pencils, pencils, and MORE pencils

~ electric pencil sharpener

~ lined paper

~ Construction paper

~ boxes of tissue (for project and stuffy noses)


Supply List

  • Note book
  • Pencils
  • Erasers
  • Whiteboard marker

***** You, THE STUDENT, will be keeping your own gradebook and math portfolio/journal in addition to the online gradebook. You will be required to keep parents up to date weekly regarding your progress or lack thereof. PARENTS, you will need to sign your students’ gradebook log to ensure we continue to keep an open line of communication. Please feel free to email me any time.


Mr. Ebkarian's Math Course Syllabus 


Recommended Materials For My Math Class:

* 2-3 Pencils w/erasers          * Spiral Notebook or Binder with lined paper,

* 3x5 index cards 


Classroom Conduct:

* Be in your seat and working when class begins

* Follow the class rules of respect and responsibility and keep hands, feet and objects in your personal space

* You are dismissed by the teacher

* Work productively and cooperatively and have a positive attitude about learning and working


Absences Policy:

Students who are absent must make up quizzes and tests promptly upon their return (unless unique circumstances occur). If you were absent only on the exam day, you will make-up the exam in class the day of your return. If you were absent during exam review days, you will be given up to one week to make up the exam. If a project is due the day you are absent, you must turn it in via e-mail. You can sign up for extra help hours. It is your responsibility to catch up when you are absent: get notes from classmates, ask about handouts, and talk to the teacher about any concerns. Please refer to the shared support agreement regarding expectations for turning in late work. After the grace period, late work will NOT be accepted.


Grading (Percent Breakdown): 

Homework: 10%

Homework is an essential part of your job as a student. Homework assignments will be assigned daily. Late homework assignments will be accepted until the end of each chapter but only half credit will be given. Homework is scored on a 3 point standard for effort and completion (3 fully completed, 2 half completed, 1 less than half completed, 0 not turned in or no questions attempted).


Class work and Participation: 30% - AU absent unexcused = -2 points per day

Class work will be given daily in the form of notes, activities and exercises. Students will receive five points. Since we will go over homework daily in class, students will be receive points for participation also. Points will be reduced if you fail or refuse to take notes or participate, do not turn in class work or is disruptive or disrespectful.


Projects 30%

Projects provide students with the opportunity to apply the mathematical concepts you have learned. Entrepreneurial standards are also incorporated within the projects. You will be challenged to explore how math concepts are used in real life situations and businesses. A detailed rubric will be given to you so they will know exactly what is expected and you will know how to achieve the grade you desire.


Quizzes and Tests 30%

Quizzes and tests provide you an opportunity to think critically and articulate your knowledge. There will be a test at the end of each chapter. The quizzes will be given throughout each chapter but generally one midway through each chapter.  Tests are curved (your score out of the highest score from your class period). A final exam is given at the end of each semester.