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Welcome Letter 2018-19

August 15- First Day of School/Early Release Day/ Orientation 



My Biography
            Welcome to Fourth Grade! My name is Mrs. Ramirez.  I have worked in the field of education for over twenty years. In the process, I have learned that teaching children is undoubtedly the job for me as my love for it grows each day. I have developed a great reputation with families and children in this valley. I received a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from California State University Northridge. I have also received my Professional Clear Multiple Subject Teaching Credential with a CLAD emphasis as of September, 2006 with and attached Graduate Degree from California State University Northridge. I completed my student teaching in an ELD/LEP/ESL classroom at Pacoima Elementary School, and I am fluent in Spanish. This is my second year at Ivy Academia. I have the honor of being the ELD coordinator for Ivy Academia. I previously worked at Magnolia Science Academy Charter School in Northridge as a second grade teacher to an ESL class. I had 27 students in a self contained classroom.  I had six students with special needs and IEP’s. Additionally, I worked in a combination class of second and third graders. It was comprised of twenty five students in a mixed ability and culturally diverse class. My third graders all had special needs with behavioral issues.  I worked at Granada Hills Baptist School as a teacher for seventeen years. It was a wonderful school that sadly shut down due to economical reasons. At Granada Hills Baptist School, I was a master teacher and the mentor to other teachers. I started my career in education at Fairfield School in Van Nuys. At Fairfield School, I worked as a childcare supervisor, P.E. teacher, preschool assistant, and first/second grade teacher. In past summers, I have eagerly taken on the role of summer camp supervisor as well as Spanish and Science teacher. I have spent several summers working with Autistic, A.D.D., and A.D.H.D. children in a rehabilitation program at UCLA. I also have taught middle school and high school history and science at South Pasadena Unified School District. I have also completed series on dyslexia by Susan Barton.
              My strengths are: I have strong organizational skills, have mastered classroom management, and consistently maintain communication with both parents and co-workers. My goal is to promote academic, physical, social, and creative development in each of the students. I try to meet the needs of each student and know them as individuals. I foster a fair and consistent learning environment while maintaining a disciplined and structured classroom. I strive to teach with innovative and inventive strategies in order to make students actively engage in the entire learning process. I demonstrate sincere sensitivity and try to establish self-esteem in each student. I strive to unify my class and make it a secure and safe environment. The background of a Psychology degree, student teaching, and my years of classroom teaching experience have helped me to understand my students better and develop a fun and engaging curriculum.  I also understand the family dynamics because I am a mother of a 13 year old boy. You can catch us every weekend at the  Baseball field. I feel that my experience and my enthusiasm for teaching will make this fourth grade year successful. Good Luck!


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