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School Site Council

Welcome to Ivy Academia’s School Site Council!
A school site council is a group of parents, teachers, and administrators working together to provide advice and counsel in evaluating our school’s performance goals and objectives. Together we analyze academic data and determine what methods can be used to reach those students in need.
We believe that those best qualified to make decisions about our school are those who are involved with our students on a daily basis. As School Site Council members, we review the school budget and advise with regards to the academic involvement plan. To do so, we evaluate our test scores, benchmark tests, attendance and discipline records, and parent and student surveys. These tools help us create meaningful plans and set realistic goals necessary to make sure that every student at Ivy Academia can thrive and succeed.
After analyzing the information, we as a council, create a plan for improvement called the Local Control Accountability Plan. We focus on areas of need such as reading, writing, math, English Language Development and School Safety. We allocate the categorical funds allotted to the students to assure student learning.
As a council, we are driven by the need to close the gaps in academic achievements. If you would like to be involved, please check the master calendar for upcoming meetings, usually the second Monday of every month at 3:30 PM at the Business Office.
Ivy Academia’s 2017-2018 School Site Council Elected Officials

Katrina Daneshmand, Assistant Principal               

Linda Zeidman, Classified Employee                      

Ms. Jessica Jimenez, Teacher                                   

VACANT, Teacher                               

Mrs. Sandra Ramirez, ELAC/Teacher                     

Mrs. Marisol Lopez, Parent


VACANT, Parent

Mrs. Alla Bogdanov, Parent

VACANT, Parent